I am Woman

I am strong I am powerful I can do anything I am woman I teach I lead I impact I am woman I nurture I protect I mentor I am woman I’m a cleaner I’m a cook I’m a doctor I am woman I’m invisible I’m unappreciated I’m belittled I am woman I am unfailing…

In My Dreams

I loved staying awake Now I want to sleep all the time Cos I’m certain I’ll see you in my dreams Written by Mariam Shittu

I Want You Back

I miss you.

I don’t just miss you,
I need you.

I Want You To See Me

I’m hurting and you can’t see my pain it hurts that you can’t though I shield it from you I’m okay that’s what you believe I’m too scared to say it but I’m screaming at you for help All I want is for you to see me behind all my guards and save me Written…

New Love

I love new love Nothing else matters, Temporarily. Mariam Shittu photo credit

It’s Time

It’s time To start feeling again With a leap of faith It’s time To start being me Without you by my side It’s time To let go of the anger That has consumed my being It’s time To look beyond With you in my heart It’s time To stop asking questions That no one can…

In You

In You I found purpose You made me dream again In You I found hope You made me believe again In You I found comfort You made me feel safe again In You I found beauty You made me see again In You I found joy You made me want to live again In You…

Holiday Fever

Been waiting all year
For the holidays to come by
A time for family and togetherness
With smiles and happy cheers

I Thought It Was You

I thought it was you I became we And I was done looking I thought we’ll be forever We supported each other And talked about our dreams I thought you were the one for me We were perfect And shared everything I thought it was you We had plans And talked about our kids I…

Life Without You

There’s no me
Without you 

There was you
Before me

There’s me
Because of  you


I’ve been angry, just angry
Angry I couldn’t stop time
Angry I couldn’t heal you
Angry I couldn’t save you

Time Capsule

I want to go back
And change things
To a new life
With no worries