Flowers in September 

Happy Hump Day everyone! I thought I had slacked in my passion for photography because from becoming a writer, health and fitness enthusiast and fashionister, I hadn’t had time to take photos of the things I love to photograph most in the world. It’s been amazing discovering several aspects of myself and I’m very grateful…

Places in Lagos: Nike Art Gallery

Nike Art Gallery is an art and culture exhibition centre located in Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

Appreciating Nature

We don’t appreciate nature as much as we should. There are so many beautiful things around us if only we took the time to notice them.

Photos & Me 

I love taking photos…. not necessarily of people but anything/everything. I see something beautiful and I immediately think of having that beautiful moment forever. I took the photo above on Saturday during a run. I saw so many birds perched on this roof and I wondered why the residents weren’t bothered. You can trust Nigerians…