Hanging on

You take the plunge With a leap of faith Try something new they said So you tried It doesn’t seem right It doesn’t feel right It can’t always be your fault can it? What is wrong with you Why can’t you be like others Who start something and see it through? Who started years ago…

Trust The Process

You may have seen this slogan if you are a football fan. How many of us trust the process??? Most times, we tend to always want things to happen the way we want and fail to remember that things happen exactly as the creator wants it to with our effort of course. Trusting the process…

Life is Tough But So Are You

When your life as you know it comes crashing down and it feels like there’s no way back up, there’s always a way. In recent times, I’ve dealt with a lot more than I thought I would ever deal with at this my young age. Yes, I still consider myself young. I keep amazing myself…


Life is not always rosy, beautiful and easy breezy. Sometimes it’s rough, ugly and very hard. It feels like there’s no way out and the tears and sadness just wouldn’t go away. But;  I will conquer this because I am built for this. I will conquer this because I am stronger than I will ever…

30 Things To Stop Doing To Yourself

1.) Stop Spending Time With The Wrong People.
2.) Stop Running From Your Problems.
3.) Stop Lying To Yourself.
4.) Stop Putting Your Own Needs On The Back Burner.
5.) Stop Trying To Be Someone You’re Not.

Finding Strength from Weakness

My name is Mariam and I’m a soft spoken person. I struggled with being confident growing up because I considered my voice a weakness. I couldn’t initiate conversations or impact decisions. I was mostly mute and always in the corner, often forgotten.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Is worrying ever a good thing??? I guess worrying can be a good thing when it helps you take action to solve problems but that rarely happens. Most worriers are only focused on worst case scenarios and what-ifs which is bad and never makes things better. I must admit I’m a worrier and over thinker…


We all desire to be happy and have different variations of happiness. What makes me happy may not make you happy and what makes you happy may not make me happy.
What is happiness? 
Happiness is a feeling of unexplainable joy that comes from within and uplifts the soul

Loving Yourself

Are you are always hard on yourself, you constantly beat yourself up, put yourself last, you don’t feel you are ever good enough, you don’t do what makes you happy or you always take responsibility for other people’s actions? We’ve all heard and read that self love is the absolute first thing we have to…

Get Out Bad Habit

I think it’s safe for me to say we all have a bad habit we are trying to get rid of. I haven’t met someone that doesn’t have one. If you don’t have one, are you even human? It can be a person, food, alcohol, behaviour and so on. We try our best to stay…

Be Thankful…

“The person who has stopped being thankful has fallen asleep in life” – Robert Louis Stevenson First off, let the quote above sink in… To be thankful is to be pleased/to express gratitude. We tend to take many things for granted and we forget to be thankful for what we have. We also keep asking…

Overcoming Laziness

Below are a few simple tips to aid in overcoming laziness;

1. Rest & Sleep
2. Keep A To-Do List
3. Plan
4. Remembering The Benefits
5. Remembering The Consequences
6. Self Talk