Why Exercise ? 

Right from when we were young, we had PE(Physical Education) or GYM classes and we were taught different forms of exercises. We even enjoyed the classes because they were outside the classroom and we got to play. However, most of us grew up neglecting our bodies and not even participating in any form of sports…

Accessories To Help You Enjoy Working Out – My Workout Buddies

The first step to being fit is to desire it for yourself. If you are trying to get in shape for someone else, you are bound to relapse. I have some buddies that make my workouts more fun and enjoyable so I’m writing about them in this post.

Quick Guide: Running 

If you don’t know the benefits of running/walking, get in here!!!!

1. It enhances your sense of well-being.
2. It improves muscle strength.
3. It reduces the risks of heart disease.
4. It helps maintain a healthy weight.
5. You have a big chance at 100% fat burn. Burning fat is way better than burning calories!!!

Loving Your Body

I started working out and eating healthy over a year ago… What forced me to take control of my body and life in general was because my clothes stopped fitting. Besides the fact that I couldn’t afford to change my whole wardrobe, I didn’t want to hate myself. The journey hasn’t been easy I must…