I Love Reading. Do you?

I’m a book lover, I’ve been reading books since Primary school. I didn’t have any influence at home and I don’t remember seeing my older siblings reading books other than school books. So I didn’t have a stash of books to read from, I created my own stash. I started with Enid Blyton and Goosebumps books in Primary school and I remember making my Mum … Continue reading I Love Reading. Do you?

My Hair Journey 

I’ve always wished I had hair, long healthy hair. I guess every girl from an African country except Ethiopia(because they have hair) probably wishes same. I had terrible hair growth throughout my secondary school days but by my second year in university, my hair started growing back and I was elated. I noticed it was because I started paying more attention to it and taking … Continue reading My Hair Journey 

Places in Lagos: An afternoon at Terra Kulture

On Good Friday, I visited Terra Kulture for the first time ever. Terra Kulture is an art, culture, lifestyle and educational center in Lagos, Nigeria. I went to see “Wàkáá The Musical”. This was my second time watching a play in Nigeria and I’m glad I did because It was really good. I must say Bimbo Manuel did a good job playing his part I … Continue reading Places in Lagos: An afternoon at Terra Kulture